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Email : larawdesigns@themakersspace.com

I was born and raised in Durban, South Africa and lived in the UK for 16 years before moving to Cyprus in 2011.

"Painting is self-discovery.  Every good artist paints what he is."  Jackson Pollock

For some of us, our journey may be like a Jackson Pollock painting:  a dribble of red, a trail of green, perhaps an expressive large white imprint dominating the center.  We may find passions for pursuits calling us in one direction, then a career may take us along a transgressing route, and we find ourselves asking, How does this all fit together?

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."  e.e. cummings

Around 2015, unknowingly, it seemed to fall neatly into place.  I have always had a creative leaning, but I never had the courage to pursue a creative passion.  I started to paint, learning to express myself through colour and canvas.  My learning and experimenting continues.  In 2016, I discovered "pottery" by chance on taking my parents and family to a "potters wheel experience".  I realised a love for clay and my ceramic journey began.  I spent the next 18 months working any spare time I had, supporting and helping a commercial pottery in Paphos whilst still pursuing my "corporate life".

My ceramic work focuses on simple forms with elegance and functionality, using colours for emphasis, rather than impact. I am at present exploring and developing design techniques to create large handmade feature lighting installations – my first project is the “Movement” which hangs in the Gallery of The Makers Space, Tala, Cyprus – a collection of 760 hand made earthenware fish circling a light source, representing the annual shoaling and migration of sardines on the East Coast of South Africa.

I offer courses in handbuilding (pinching, forming and slabwork) and bisque painting.

I welcome enquiries for commissions.