a professional, communal studio for all levels of ability


We have two Shimpo wheels, recycling batts, a slab roller, pug mill, glazing booth, photo booth, 3 kilns (of different sizes), open shelf storage and secure lockers available to our members


We have an assortment of tools for use and for sale in the studio. Our tools are selected for their suitability for handbuilding, wheel throwing, sculpting and for our kids clay club. Communal tools also include work boards, moulds, impression mats, buckets, spray bottles, sponges, heat guns, grinding tools, drills, twirlers, spray gun and compressor, brushes, scales and more....

Clay and Glazes

We stock several stoneware clays and  cyprus terracotta and can import many specialist clays to order. Our Glazing stock includes a range of Mayco Stroke and Coat and a selection of premixed studio glazes and oxides. We have a wide range of glazes that we can order as required by our members


We provide stools for each work station, refreshment facilities (Fridge, Water Dispenser, Urn, Kettle, Tea and Coffee, Crockery, Cutlery, Glassware), washing up areas, outdoor seating areas, internet access and toilet facilities.

.....and probably the highest consumption of homemade cakes, biscuits and doughnuts in Cyprus 

Work Spaces

We have four purpose built, mobile work tables (2.44m x 1.22m) that provide a shared space for up to 6 artists each (24 in total) when the studio is busy, or courses are being run. These tables can be moved and placed where required to support the needs of artists and teachers . We also have a dedicated glazing table of similar size

Our studio is equipped with the most modern equipment and facilities in Cyprus, supporting and enabling professional artists, hobbyists, absolute beginners and our kids clay club